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Daylight Ducks Wilderness Trips – An Introduction

wrightsOur definition of a "wilderness trip" emerged over many years of backpacking in the mountains of Northern California. Originally, the idea was a part of an academic experience; later it became very personal and mostly involved friends and family.

This year, we are happy to offer a hiking trip that allows a small group of dedicated individuals to step away from our speedy lives and hit the trail for a week of hiking and camping in a truly wild and wonderful place. Those of us who have gone here before have come to know something of the inherently magical and spiritual quality these rivers and mountains offer to those willing to shoulder a pack and leave the cars for a short time.

hikeOver the years of visiting this amazing place, we have come to understand —at least marginally—a portion of the hope and healing that resides in the folds of the landscape we journey through during our time in the wilderness. This year we invite you to join us as we make our annual return to a place that has become like a second home to those of us who have come to love this remote, wild backcorner of California. If backpacking works for you, and you are willing to commit to a group process that focuses on consensus as the primary instigator to forward motion during our stay outdoors, then this trip might work for you.

While initial inquiries are not a commitment to going, full participation requires a monetary fee, a willingness to attend pre-trip meetings either in person (or virtually), and an adherence to the basic "rules of the trail" that have developed over thirty years of wilderness experience leadership.

If you are interested in knowing more, please drop us a line at: and we will fill you in with more details. You can also see the Wilderness FAQ link on the website for more information about these wilderness journeys.

Hope to see you on the trail.

Wilderness FAQ

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